Tatra passenger cars are in the heart of almost every Czech motorist. Although the production quality was not always perfect, due to their technical concept, elegance and timelessness, we as a nation could be proud to have the Tatra and that it is so unique.

Photo: Tatra – passenger cars on posters and in brochures, 1945-1999

Period promotional materials will take you back in time.

And it was the history of Tatra and selected popular models that the writer Martin Kupec took to the show, who, in cooperation with the car company itself and expert advisor Milan Olšanský, prepared a readable publication called Tatra – passenger cars on posters and in brochures, 1945-1999.

On 296 pages, you will first find a partial history of the passenger and light commercial vehicle division itself, which in the book begins with the nationalization of the Tatra company in 1945 and ends in 1999, when the last T700 limousine was assembled at the Tatra development workshops in Kopřivnice.

Photo: Tatra – passenger cars on posters and in brochures, 1945-1999

You can look forward to post-war history and a detailed analysis of popular models.

In other parts of the publication, the individual models and their variations are analyzed in detail, starting with the Tatra 57, 87, followed by the Tatraplane, T603, T613 and ending with the Tatra 700. However, there are also Ecorra Sport V8, Tatra Beta or the iconic Metalex Tatra V8 and other cars. In their introduction, the individual chapters are enriched with successful drawings of cars by the artist Jan Hlavín.

The book, as its name suggests, is mainly composed of period posters and brochures, but it is understandably also enriched with interesting information related to the given brochure or car, and often also to the well-known users of these unique limousines in pre-revolutionary times and in the period after 1989.

Photo: Tatra – passenger cars on posters and in brochures, 1945-1999

The book also mentions special Tatra models.

“The book is a summary of the most important promotional materials that the car company published before the end of passenger car production in 1999. To this must also be added foreign language materials prepared by state export organizations for the needs of export support. These were often very different from those for the domestic market, in terms of their higher graphic level and printing quality. The publication thus represents the most interesting export prospectuses, leaflets and posters published first by the joint-stock company KOVO and since 1950 by the successor organization MOTOKOV,” Martin Kupec summarizes the contents of his new book.

In addition to the fact that the book will bring many readers back to their youth, it is also a reminder that Tatra, as one of the oldest automobile companies in the world, stood out from the rest due to its uniqueness. On several pages, the author himself recalls how he saw the last T603 series with his own eyes, when he rode in a T613, or when, as a student of the law faculty, he saw Václav Klaus driving the upgraded T613-4.

The first edition of this mostly pictorial publication with dimensions of 210 × 260 mm is published today (November 16, 2023) in a circulation of 2,000 copies. Just like the author’s previous titles, this one will be on the shelves of Luxor stores, in the sales warehouses of various motoring portals, but also in selected e-shops or in the offer of the Tatra Museum in Kopřivnice.

The price is set at 790 CZK per copy, which is not much considering the content and high-quality graphics. And because the book itself is easy to read and engaging, it is an ideal gift under the tree that will please even those motorists who have read as many car manuals as possible in recent years.