We’ve already had many interesting and strange hearse-themed creations here. This one is uncompromisingly luxurious.

They say that you don’t take money to your grave and the rich and the poor end up underground. But the difference is in the grace and style with which the deceased goes to eternal rest. We’ve already had the Porsche Panamera or electric cars converted into hearses that looked pretty luxurious, but honestly, what can compete with a Rolls-Royce?

You've probably never seen a crazier hearse.  The tuner uses an unconventional donor, even a tiny Peugeot 208!

Yes, if you’ve parked at least one in a garage in your life, you can probably afford to leave in a suitably ostentatious style. The Italian coachbuilder Biemme Special Cars includes the “Ghoster”, a properly customized Rolls-Royce Ghost, in its portfolio.

There was no need to change anything in the front. Surprisingly, neither the space nor the luxury level of the cabin was affected. This means that survivors accompanying the deceased can enjoy the same comfort as in a completely normal Ghost. There’s extra sound deadening, cognac leather matched with briar wood paneling, snack tables for the long haul and a mini-bar in case you need to drown your sorrows before the ceremony. You can listen to the prepared playlist through a 1300 W system with 18 speakers.

Prince Philip's last journey will be in this Land Rover.  He designed it himself

Thanks to the massively extended wheelbase, it was possible to design the rear section independently of the rest of the car. It consists of a tubular steel frame with abundant glazing. The platform for loading the casket is electrically controlled and is surrounded by warm ambient lighting after it is driven into place. Given that no one will be in a hurry here, the front-mounted twelve-cylinder with a volume of 6.75 liters could remain in serial form. Its 420 kW with 850 Nm is more than enough.