There are only a few weeks left until the start of the toughest endurance race. The organizers promise an even more demanding race than last time – which means that it will be a real carving, where success will be just reaching the finish line. So let’s summarize clearly what awaits the competitors and what we as spectators can look forward to.

Date and program of the Dakar Rally 2024

The Dakar Rally 2024 will start again at the beginning of January 2024, but this time not on New Year’s Day, but on January 5. The competitors will thus again have two weeks of intense racing with one free day in the middle, they will not see the finish line until January 19.

Competitors will arrive at the race venue before the end of the year, as they will pick up their equipment at the port of Yanbu on January 1st, followed by tests and administrative checks to be ready on the starting podium on January 5th for the opening ceremony of the race.

Equipment pickup January 1, 2024
Tests and administrative acceptances 2-4 January 2024
Ceremonial start and prologue January 5, 2024
Target January 19, 2024

Trasa Rally Dakar 2024

The route with a length of approximately 5,000 kilometers is spread over the territory of Saudi Arabia, while 60% of the routes should be completely new. The race is divided into 12 stages (+prologue), which will also include a demanding 48-hour stage replacing the earlier marathon stage. It will be run in the Empty Quarter desert, with the first day racing until 4 p.m., then everyone will have to find the nearest bivouac and spend the night there (without access to information and interim results), then at 7 a.m. they will set off for the second day of racing . The results will be known only at the end of the 600 kilometer marathon.

Also a major change is that cars and trucks will follow a slightly different route than motorbikes, so they won’t be able to just follow the tracks, but will have to focus more on their own navigation.

Photo: Rally Dakar

The approximate route of the Dakar Rally 2024 leads through the territory of Saudi Arabia.


In addition to motorcycles, trucks and cars, buggies of various classes will also be at the start of the Dakar Rally, and the popular classic class will also be present. Experimental machines with an alternative drive on electricity or hydrogen will also set out to conquer the route.


The Dakar Rally is a highlight of the racing calendar, so no one from the racing elite will miss it. However, due to political reasons, Russian Kamaz and Belarusian Mazas will be missing.

Czechs at the Dakar Rally 2024

Traditionally, the biggest hopes of the Czech participants are in the truck class, where we can count on the crews of Martin Macík jr. (last time he took second place) and Aleš Loprais (continuously leading until the unfortunate fatal accident) – both are undoubtedly thinking about the overall victory. The Buggyra racing team will surely enter the order (if the crews of Jaroslav Valtra and Martin Šoltys will go again, we have not yet confirmed), Tomáš Vrátný and his partners should not miss the start either.

In the car class (T1+), we can look forward to Martin Prokop with the new TurboShrek (who would like to beat the previous sixth place) and Tomáš Ouředníček in a Toyota Hilux GR. Aliyyah Koloc advanced to the top league, starting with the special REVO T1+.

The Czech Republic will also have a strong cast among the bikers, Martin Michek (he finished eleventh last time), Jan Brabec or David Pabiška will start the race, and Libor Podmol would like to break the Dakar bad luck so far.

Where to watch the Dakar Rally. Will it be on TV?

You can always find the latest information on the race’s official website ( and on its social networks (@Dakar Rally). Czech Television has not yet confirmed whether it will broadcast traditional studies with a summary of events for a given racing day.

Hectic preparations are coming to an end, because already at the beginning of December, all the equipment will be loaded in Barcelona and will travel to Saudi Arabia, where it will all break out in January. So we have something to look forward to!