Google is expanding the service Search Generative Experience (SGE) about Christmas shopping. The company announced Thursday that its AI-powered search model can now generate gift ideas, photorealistic product images and virtual menswear trials.

Launched in May, Google SGE offers the ability to get answers and suggestions using artificial intelligence to complement the search engine’s standard web results. Since May, the company has added additional questions, better translations, and interactive definitions for more complex topics. The tool can only be run in the Chrome browser on a computer or the Google mobile app on smartphones.

Google SGE can now generate photorealistic images of the goods you imagine. You can then modify the image with additional commands before SGE uses the generated output as basis for finding real products, which according to him are the most similar. In addition, the desired final form of the product can also be selected during the search change and refine.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to choose for whom for the tree, SGE can help also help with choosing the most suitable gift. All you have to do is enter who the gift is for and what it should be about. You can search refine in real time down to very fine details.

In June, Google SGE added the option virtually trying on women’s clothes. Now it’s time for men’s clothing. If you search for women’s or men’s clothing from a supported brand, it will appear 40 virtual models. You can then choose the one that looks closest to you or the person you’re shopping for, using artificial intelligence to get an idea of ​​how that model might look on a particular person. Currently supported brands include Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, JCrew and Under Armor (more to come).

To use SGE, you must first visit the Search Labs page or activate SGE in the Google application by clicking on the beaker icon in the upper left corner.