Few people believed it, but today’s statement by the Škodova Dakar project builder confirms that the 130 LR model will reappear on the Dakar Classic 2024 starting field with Ondra Klymčiw behind the wheel. But this time for the last time.

Photo: Lukáš Volšicky

Skoda 130 LR at the Dakar? For the last time…

Originally, Ondra didn’t want to drive the car anymore, but recently he got an idea that started to make sense to him, as well as to selected initiates. It is a good thing.

You may remember the year 2018 and Ondra’s big motorcycle accident that almost cost him his life. Although Klymčiw promised that he would not ride the machine again (which he did not keep), however, it was the old Škoda 130 LR (and his fans) that brought him back to the Dakar game. And since she helped him, he decided to pass it on.

Photo: Jan Majurník

Ondřej Klymčiw is quite a normal person, but sometimes he has crazy ideas that he carries out to the end.

The car with starting number 714 will run the entire race in a charitable spirit and in cooperation with the Paraple Center. All money collected for sponsorship, contributions, car advertising rental and in fact all support will go directly to Umbrella. The costs of the Dakar, which Klymčiw will go with mechanic Petr Dokonal, are covered by the multiple matador from his own pocket.

The last ride will therefore be carried out more in a spirit of calm and with the goal of reaching the finish line. The driver will not have to push the chainsaw, but will try to finish with dignity and thus end the era of the crazy idea of ​​taking an old rear-wheel drive “pest” to the demanding Dakar Rally. She will not go to the museum after the race, but will stay with Klymčiw in the garage.

Photo: Lukáš Volšicky

The car will go nicely to the garage, a career in a museum is not yet planned.

And that’s not all. As part of this event, Ondra is also preparing a large charity gala evening, where motorsport stars such as Sébastien Loeb, Toby Price and Násir al-Attíja are expected to arrive. Such world-class fighters in the Czech Republic? This is something never seen before. However, take a look at Ondra’s official statement.

Ondřej Klymčiw confirms participation in Dakar 2024 with Škoda 130 LR.Video: Ondřej Klymčiw

How to join the event, where to donate and other information will be published soon. Ondra even provided us with hastily-taken photos of the car wrapped in white foil, which in part hints at the new design and space to support the Paraple Center.

We remind you that the Dakar Rally starts already on January 5, 2024, and our colors will be represented in both the standard category and the Classic category. The finish is then scheduled for January 19, 2024. The race will again be held in Saudi Arabia and will bring several significant changes against the 2023 edition. So the entertainment will really be taken care of!