The Renault brand revealed the prototype of the new generation of the Twingo small hatchback and emphasized several times the fact that it is not just a design exercise. This car will actually go into production and we’ll see it on the road starting in 2026. Main source of inspiration? Renault bet – similarly to the Renault 4 and Renault 5 concepts – on the retro wave. And so the novelty looked like its predecessor from the nineties.

As you probably already guessed, it will be an electric car with parameters not yet specified. However, Renault says that the Twingo is to become the most efficient electric car, for which one kilowatt-hour is enough to drive 10 kilometers. In this not so often discussed discipline, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 with rear-wheel drive now leads, with the same energy supply providing approximately 6.8 km of range.

Although the vision of the modern Twingo arrives in a modern guise, the inspiration of its predecessor immediately catches your eye. It is revealed not only by a similar silhouette, but also by the shapes of the headlights and overall a very cute design. Even the three holes in the corner of the hood have been reincarnated, but they are not used for air intake, but show the current battery status in percentages.

The Twingo will sit under the five and four in the brand’s hierarchy, but all cars share the same architecture with the Ampr Small designation. The Ampere department is responsible for design, construction and production, which is to kickstart the brand’s electric future within the Renault group.

Although we do not know the technical details, Renault is already offering a basic price below the 20,000 euro mark. A retro electric car could start at around CZK 490,000 here. Overall, we like the idea of ​​small urban electric cars, and cars of this design certainly make sense. And the idea of ​​retro reincarnations of the Twingo, the original Golf or Felicia driving around our roads in a few years… who could be against it?

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