In general, sedans with a three-compartment body are considered an extinct species. It is true that the representatives of this category are decreasing all over the world, especially in Europe they are being displaced by various SUVs and crossovers. However, the Toyota Camry, whose history began in the seventies, is an exception, and now its ninth edition is being presented to the world. The Japanese have a strong argument for successors, because they sell 300,000 units of this model per year!

The new generation has so far presented itself in American specification in four equipment levels and with two hybrids. The base is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder with two electric motors and a system output of 225 horsepower. There is also a four-wheeler, the function of which is provided by another electric motor on the rear axle. The maximum here is set at 232 horses. An eCVT transmission is standard for both versions.

Some might argue that the novelty is actually “just” a thorough facelift of the predecessor. And for the most part, he would be right. The new Camry rides on the same TNGA-K platform, but gets a revised suspension and new dampers with different tuning. Engineers further promise improved responsiveness and more agile handling. The hybrid of the latest generation should in turn be a promise of economical operation.

Foto: Toyota

It’s not really that different from its predecessor, but does that bother anyone?

The silhouette of the car also remains similar, the front has changed the most. It still has a huge mask in the lower part of the bumper, but the hood is optically stretched and connected to it by elegant diode headlights, bringing the Camry closer to other modern Toyotas in appearance.

As standard, the flagship sedan has a seven-inch digital instrument panel and an eight-inch multimedia screen. This is replaced in higher equipment by a more sophisticated 12.3-inch solution enriched with induction charging for a smartphone or wireless support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A ten-inch head-up display or a JBL audio system with nine speakers is also available as an option. The rich equipment is underlined by an army of safety and assistance systems, including automatic driving in traffic jams or automatic lane changes.

The only secret of the new Camry is its availability on the Czech market. Toyota has not yet commented on the new generation’s operation in Europe. On the contrary, the Americans will soon see, the first pieces will go to the local dealers from the spring of next year. But they have to wait a little longer for the prices. Let’s just remind you that here, the price list of the aging Camry started slightly above one million crowns.

Is it a hybrid executive sedan?

With a good price, why not?

Diesel belongs to such a car!

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