Unity has announced that its Muse AI platform is officially available for $30 per month. Muse is an artificial intelligence toolkit designed to simplify the game development processespecially to those users who don’t have the time or patience to code.

Unity Muse allows you to create usable code by interacting with a chatbot. The bot will also answer all of the users’ questions, plus it has full access to the platform’s resource library. There is also a tool designed specifically to streamline the creation of 2D sprites (two-dimensional images) that is ideal for all budding designers. The tool will automatically generate sprites that match predetermined parameters and offer several variants from which the user can choose the most suitable one. Muse also offers texture generation tools.

The company says the sprite and texture tools are just the beginning. In the coming months Muse will offer, among other things, artificial intelligence tools for character animation and for setting the behavior of NPCs (non-player characters).

The Unity Unite conference wasn’t just about presenting the Unity Muse tool. The company also provided more details about Sentis, the upcoming neural engine powered by artificial intelligence that will be able to solve complex coding problems and even create new game features from scratch. Sentis is currently in open beta and will be available to the public sometime next year.

Source: www.engadget.com