On December 23, people who believe that the world is flat will gather at the Autodromo Sosnová in Česká Lípa. However, they will not be degenerates, but lovers of driving.

Do you have a Subaru? And could we see him? The Czech representative office of the Subaru car company recently surprised us with a fresh batch of the new generation BRZ model, which was originally not supposed to appear here at all, and those interested in this car went to its sister Toyota for the GR86. But now there are more than a hundred new BRZs on the road and it seems that Subaru has a little celebration/Christmas present for us.

With the Subaru BRZ for a nice trip outside of civilization?  It is also possible in season, we will advise you where to look

If you have any Subaru, then on December 23, the day before you sit down to the Christmas dinner table, you can come to Autodrom Sosnová in Česká Lípa and take a free ride. Action named The World is Flat is in charge of the company Corners.cz, the organizer of circuit days and car experiences, and is supported by the Autodrome and the Subaru car company.

The event runs from 9am to 4pm, so Subaru car owners can register to drive around the circuit for free. Such pleasures usually cost several thousand crowns, so this offer is also suitable for those who want to try driving around a racing circuit for the first time. Due to the number of registered units of the new BRZ, these cars are expected to prevail, but you can really come in any Subaru.

TEST Subaru Outback 2.5i (124 kW) Touring: I burn it through the forest in the field, the rope of the field disappears under the wheels

There will be catering, joint photo shoots, taxi rides with the new BRZ and other accompanying program. If you don’t want to drive, you don’t have to, just soak up the pre-Christmas atmosphere with the sounds of boxer engines. The number of tickets for the track is of course limited, so if you want to ride, we would not hesitate to register for free.


The beginnings of the Japanese Subaru are in 1917 in a company producing military aircraft. In the 1950s, it changed its name to the current Fuji Heavy Industries, and in 1954 the first car was created. Currently, the company is called Subaru Corporation.

The use of boxer engines and all-wheel drive is typical for Subaru.

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