It can be assumed that in such a case you will not settle for a standard undertaker, which looks dignified, but at the same time kind of ordinary. You’ll want something more. Much more.

Fortunately, there are companies that can offer the mentioned “more”. Among them, for example, is the Italian company Biemme Special Cars, which can make a hearse out of a luxurious Rolls-Royce Ghost limousine. He calls this special Ghoster.

Of course, the tuner has to stretch the Rolls, but it extends not only the body, but also the wheelbase. Then, of course, he will rework the rear part and place a richly glazed superstructure behind the rear pillar for transporting the coffin. The interior of this part corresponds to the front part of the cabin in terms of quality of workmanship and material selection. It is separated from the space for the coffin by a partition.

The cabin is completely taken over from the Ghost model, so it offers two rows of seats, while access to the rear is provided by the so-called suicide doors opening in the opposite direction. In addition to the luxurious design, the interior impresses with adjustable LED ambient lighting or a 1,300-watt audio system. If one wanted to say that such a power would wake up even the dead…

The drive is provided by a 12-cylinder engine with an output of 570 horsepower. Unfortunately, the editor does not reveal the price, but it will definitely be very high. After all, just the standard Rolls-Royce Ghost should start at some eight million crowns.