Although on Friday there was the unexpected dismissal of the CEO by OpenAI Sama Altmana, everything may soon change again. Indeed, some sources claim that it will probably happen reinstatement to original function.

Shortly after Altman’s release on Friday afternoon several executives resigned in protest, including former chairman and president Greg Brockman, director of research Jakub Pachocký, head Aleksander Madry and senior researcher Szymon Sidor. At this meeting, other OpenAI employees were also supposed to leave out of solidarity. They are reportedly willing to follow Altman to a new startup business of artificial intelligence, if he decides to start one.

An internal memo circulated after Altman’s firing claims that his resignation not related to unfair practices or anything related to financial, business, security or privacy practices.

Microsoft is a major investor in the OpenAI project, and in January of this year, it put another $10 billion into its coffers as part of a long-term partnership between the two companies. In total, it has invested approximately $13 billion in OpenAI. In a statement, Microsoft said that si maintains maximum confidence v Interim CEO of OpenAI Mira Murati and continues to believe in the partnership of the two companies.

According to The New York Times neither Altman nor Brockman are guaranteed a return to leadership, especially due to the company’s non-profit origin, which precludes investors from driving company-wide decision-making. Instead, they leave those decisions up to the board members themselves.