Although the new Forester again offers a practically shaped body, many details have changed. The car received a differently designed radiator grille, which is directly connected to the front headlights. Of course, the rear lamps also look different, but the new design of the D-pillars is even more interesting.

The novelty follows on from its predecessor with generous glazing or “bulging” fenders, which underline the impression of robustness.

The dimensions have changed decently. The new Forester measures 4,656 millimeters in length (an increase of 16 mm), is 1,829 mm wide (+14 mm) and 1,730 mm high (unchanged). The wheelbase remained at the same 2,670 millimeters.

The car, like the current generation, uses the Subaru Global Platform, but the manufacturer boasts that it managed to improve torsional rigidity by ten percent.

10 most important changes on the new Subaru OutbackVideo: Honza Koubek

Since Subaru introduced the new product in the United States of America, we only have information about the powertrain for the North American market so far. The Forester will be available there with a 2.5-liter flat-four with 183 hp (135 kW) and 241 Nm of torque. The Lineartronic CVT transmission is standard and there is also all-wheel drive. In 2026, the Forester should arrive as a hybrid.

In our country, the Forester is already sold with an electrified drive (e-Boxer), specifically, it is a flat two-liter that also supports an electric motor.

The interior has undergone a significant transformation, which is particularly impressive with its 11.6-inch touch screen. Although the cabin looks more modern, the basic concept is similar to its predecessor, so we can count on a low dashboard, a great view, great access to the seats in both rows or above average spaciousness.

In Subaru, of course, they also focused on safety, so the new Forester will receive a modernized EyeSight system, which was supplemented with another camera located behind the windshield.

The new Forester should arrive at dealers in the United States next spring. We do not yet have information about the launch on the European market.