MG continues to grow successfully. Now it will be even closer to customers.

MG dominates the European market with its affordable and well-equipped cars. In it, it became the 20 most requested brand this year. The situation is similar on the Czech market. During the past ten months, 2115 cars were registered, which is 243 more than last year. Thanks to this, MG rose from last year’s 31st position straight to 18th place, surpassing Mazda (1852), Citroën (1781) and Cupra (1518).

The absolute dominance of the ZS model, which has 1638 registrations and the HS with 398 registrations, proves that price matters. The two cheapest representatives clearly lead. At the same time, the car company is still in the growth phase.

Next year, we will welcome 6 new products at MG. It will be both modernized and new cars, such as the basic MG3 electric car or, conversely, the stylishly sporty Cyberster roadster. It will be available in the second half of the year.

Electric station wagon MG5 Electric has Czech prices!  A large trunk and a range of 320 km will cost just under 900,000

Considering the assumption of a larger number of visitors, MG is expanding the Czech dealer network. The new cars will be presented by Auto Koutek in Liberec, Auto KŠV in Chomutov and Jonal in Hodonín. Negotiations are underway with other potential sellers from various regions throughout the Czech Republic, including Prague, so the network will grow, which will support subsequent service and care for owners.


MG is a British car manufacturer founded in 1920 by Cecil Kimber. It was mainly known for its two-seater sports cars.

Production at MG ended in 1980. Several returns followed, today the brand is owned by the Chinese Shanghai Automotive Industry.