What if the Czech car company had “opened up” and prepared a third version, more sporty and with only one pair of doors? It would be a huge surprise, in our opinion, this possibility is even outright excluded.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t at least “talk” about the Superb Coupé and imagine it. The latter was also recently done by a Hungarian designer and virtual tuner known on Facebook as X-Tomi Design.

Because he took the new Superb liftback and virtually modified it by turning it into a car with one pair of doors. Of course, this modification required several changes in appearance. Above all, the designer enlarged the original front doors, which also required moving the B-pillar towards the rear. Of course, he deleted the rear pair of doors, and the rear side windows are logically smaller than those of the liftback.

Photo: X-Tomi Design

Unofficial vision of Skoda Superb Coupé.

The modern Superb would not actually be the first bath tub, such a version was already presented on the basis of the first generation in 2002, it was even a Škoda project. Remember the wonderful Tudor concept? Unfortunately, as could be expected, it remained only a concept at the time…

Photo: Škoda Auto

Note the taillights. For the first time, they hinted at the letter C, so typical for Škoda cars.

In recent weeks, X-Tomi Design has also focused on the second new Škoda, the second generation Kodiaq.

On Facebook, he presented two visions derived from the new SUV. He started with his own idea of ​​a sport-tuned variant of the RS, which could be close to reality. The Kodiaq RS is definitely in the plan and it can be assumed that it will receive stylish and sporty accessories and black elements of the exterior. The question is whether Škoda will offer a straight contrasting two-tone paintwork.

Photo: X-Tomi Design

Unofficial vision of Skoda Kodiaq RS.

Slightly more interesting is the vision of the Skoda Kodiaq Coupé, that is, an SUV with a sloping rear in the style most famous for the BMW X6.

In this case, X-Tomi Design completely reworked the body parts from the B-pillar onwards. The more sporty roofline naturally required modification of the rear doors and windows. But it’s a shame that the designer doesn’t also offer a picture that would demonstrate his idea of ​​designing his own back, we would be really interested in that.

Photo: X-Tomi Design

Unofficial vision of Skoda Kodiaq Coupé.

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