Company X sued the group Media Matters over the publication of research in which the group claimed that ads from advertisers on the X Network appeared alongside anti-Semitic content. Elon Musk promised late last week that he would file a “thermonuclear” lawsuit against the organization after the outflow of advertisers. X said in its lawsuit that Media Matters used photomontage to produce a collage of images that appeared to show advertisers’ ads next to neo-Nazi content. The lawsuit also states that Media Matters created the collages with the intent to “drive advertisers off the platform and destroy X Corp.”

But as TechCrunch notes, it is not entirely true that Media Matters produced the images. The organization used an account older than 30 days (to bypass ad filters) and then tracked both large multinational corporations and content creators known for their extremist views on the X network. The organization then continuously scrolled on this test account, generating 13 to 15 times more ads than the average user would see. In this amount of displayed ads, some extremist posts were then displayed together with ads from large advertisers.

In addition to X’s lawsuit, Media Matters also has to deal with an investigation initiated by Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general. Paxton called Media Matters a “radical organization fighting free speech” and his office is said to be investigating her for possible fraud.