Today’s TV World of Motors on Nova Action at 20:30. And on Voya. Mercedes EQT, refrigeration ID.Buzz from Volkswagen, test of a used Volvo XC70 and import of a car from Germany. Already the 30th episode of our TV show!

Today at 20:30 on Nova Action. A na Voyo

Like every Wednesday evening, you can count on a new episode of TV World of Motors. Nova Action will broadcast the 30th episode today, November 22 at 8:30 p.m. You can also find all the parts on Voyo.

Mercedes EQT

Mercedes sells 3 models based on Renault Kangoo: Citan, T-class and electric EQT. The Nissan Townstar also comes out of the same line. Why choose the electric Mercedes EQT? This will be investigated by Leoš Káňa, and we warn you right away that there will be plenty of criticism.

TEST Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo (150 kW) with built-in refrigerator: Wow, I'm carrying popsicles!

Refrigeration ID.Buzz

We all know that cooling is energy intensive. A refrigerated electric car sounds like an oxymoron. And according to the technical license, you can only load a quarter of a ton into it, and it’s not cheap at all. Vláďa Kader in the Volkswagen ID.Buzz nevertheless discovers its meaning. It’s not just a stylish car, and the refrigerator construction doesn’t actually shorten the range.

Used Volvo XC70

Today’s used vehicle will be the Volvo XC70 produced until 2016, i.e. the last raised station wagon according to the original recipe, typically with popular five-cylinder engines. The tested piece will then have a unique six-cylinder gasoline engine. The unobtrusively luxurious family member will be checked by technical expert Tomáš Dusil, so there will be a look at the chassis and tips on the best vintage or motorization.

Volvo has a practical MPV for the first time in its history.  The large EM90 will offer luxury combined with a high range

A car from Germany: the further, the better

Martin Karlík interviews the new owner of a slightly used Audi A4 from Germany. Why did he choose as far as possible from the border with the Czech Republic? We will go through the entire process from the selection and journey to the actual purchase, including paperwork and obtaining shipping tags. Will imports pay off even in 2023?

World of Motors TV

The most popular Czech magazine is heading to TV screens! The world of motors presents and tests new products on the market every week, but also carefully tests used cars, introduces you to exceptional machines, advises in the field of law and transport, and also provides fresh entertainment.

Watch on Nova Action and Voyo

TV World of Motors is broadcast by the station Nova Action every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. If you miss the premiere, you can also watch a replay on Nova Action.

After the TV premiere of each episode, you can watch the TV show World of Motors also in the Voyo video archive.