Although former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman appeared set to lead Microsoft’s new AI research division, now he got his old job back. OpenAI’s board, which caused chaos at the company when it fired Altman on Friday, resumed talks with the former boss on Tuesday about his reinstatement.

Board member Adam D’Angelo reportedly attended the meeting as well as OpenAI investors, some of whom pushed for Altman’s return. Kevin Scott, Microsoft’s chief technology officer, but also said that his company telephone compensation, which OpenAI workers currently receive if they leave the company. Most of the company’s workers threatened that he will leave unless the OpenAI board brings back Altman and former president Greg Brockman (who resigned in protest of the board firing Altman). On Monday, they warned the board that Microsoft was willing employ them toowhich Scott confirmed.

It’s unclear whether Scott’s offer is contingent on Altman officially joining Microsoft. In any case, OpenAI workers may not have too much trouble finding a new job in the event of a layoff, as many tech companies fights for artificial intelligence experts.

Former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear named interim CEO. Although OpenAI’s board declined to share the exact reasons for its decision to fire Altman (it said only that Altman was not consistently honest in his communications with the board, which prevented him from performing his duties), Shear promised that he will not remain in charge of the company until he gets a clear explanation as to why Altman was fired. However, it is now clear that OpenAI will appoint a new board of directors.


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