Tesla is said to succeed with the plan that BMW broke its teeth on. But there is one fundamental difference.

You certainly remember BMW’s attempt at new marketing with a subscription for some equipment. Seat heating, for example, was much discussed. The idea was to give the possibility to other owners to activate it, even if the first owner saved on it. Or you didn’t have to buy it expensively permanently, but only subscribed for the winter months. Unfortunately, the good idea did not meet with full understanding, so BMW abandoned the concept.

A dust-free copy of the Tesla Model X has a range of up to 770 km on a single charge.  You can laze inside

By user @greentheonly on the social network Twitter, now renamed X, is preparing a similar Tesla concept. At least that’s what he claims based on experience while researching the upcoming software upgrade for the Model Y. Controls for equipment elements such as heated seats, windshield and steering wheel are said to be ready to accept prepaid access. In the same way, the maximum range mode should be locked in the basic version.

Tesla argues that it will reduce production costs and the carbon footprint of production because it will be able to use the same hardware on all cars. This would greatly simplify the assembly process. But BMW also had the same opinion, so what’s the difference?

The fundamental difference is that incentives, tax breaks and state subsidies apply to electric cars, but the purchase price of the car plays a role. By locking in many elements, Tesla will reduce the list of equipment and the base price of the car will be reduced to the necessary limit. Owners get a bonus and subsequently subscribe to the comfort functions they want.

Tesla Model X owner missing inside button.  He set to work and finished them there himself

So far, it is “only” an internal leak, Tesla itself has not confirmed the findings, but it is likely that they will introduce these elements together with a major update, the main part of which is an improved fully autonomous driving mode.