Considering the characteristics of Tatra trucks, it is not surprising that the Czech army has yards full of military Tatra trucks. Likewise the firefighters who even run specials called Titan, Triton and Taurus, however what about the civilian segment?

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

Holy Trinity – Titan, Taurus, Triton. All three models are Tatras.

Surely you remember the longest Tatra in the world driving in Ostrava, namely the one that builds gas pipelines and has a telescopic semi-trailer. But what about the one who transplants a mature tree or mixes an explosive mixture?

Together with the renowned Tatra truck specialists from the company Partner Ipex, we have put together the eleven most extreme Tatra trucks in the world for you.

The longest Tatra in the world

The Liberty smelters in Ostrava are proud to have the longest Tatrovka in the world. The custom-built T 815-7 Force has seven axles, a 14×8 drivetrain and a total length of 25.3 meters. The model is used to transport special threaded rods that reach a length of up to 24.4 meters.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

The longest Tatra in the world works in the Ostrava company Liberty.

The longest Tatra in the world has a 12.7-liter Tatra engine with an output of 300 kW (407.8 hp) and a six-speed Allison automatic transmission. The car has a permanently engaged reduction, so its maximum speed is about 60 km/h. In addition, we drove it, which you can read about HERE.

Tatra with telescopic trailer

The special dachshund, as we call this Tatra dog, is a vehicle set consisting of a telescopic trailer and a Tatra Phoenix 8×8, which has a Paccar MX-13 engine with an output of 390 kW (530.2 hp) and a torque of 2,500 Nm. This car with a maximum speed of 85 km/h uses, among other things, the same type of tires that are also used in the Dakar.

Foto: Partner Ipex

The Tatra Phoenix 8×8 with a telescopic semi-trailer is one of the most unique.

The telescopic semi-trailer, which can be extended by 5,809 mm, is equipped with the same central support pipe and swinging semi-axles as the Tatra Phoenix. In addition, there is a flatbed and a hydraulic arm (crane). THIS article will tell you more about this unique item.

Tatra as a tree transplanter

The absolutely unique Optimal 3000 superstructure is mounted on the Tatra Phoenix 10×8 model, which works for the German company Opitz. The heart of the car is the Paccar MX-13 engine with a power of 390 kW (530.2 hp), while the gearing is handled by a ZF sixteen-speed manual transmission and a Tatra two-speed reduction gearbox.

Foto: Partner Ipex

The special can fit up to 4 meters in height.

The Tatra chassis was chosen on purpose so that the special could fit with a total height of up to 4 meters and thus it was not excessive. Although the know-how of the transplanter is German, the body in question was modernized by the Czech company Partner Ipex.

Foto: Partner Ipex

The superstructure itself costs about one million euros, which is almost 25 million crowns.

Are you wondering why the superstructure was not bought new? Finance. After all, this largest transplanter, which can handle even really large and mature trees, costs around one million euros alone, which is quite a package.

Tatra as an explosives mixer

A special mixing and charging superstructure is placed on the Tatra Phoenix 8×6 chassis for the Pardubice company Explosia, thanks to which the company can efficiently carry out blasting work in quarries.

Foto: Partner Ipex

Tatra Phoenix 8×6 Explosia usually works in quarries.

In the modernized superstructure, the explosive substance is mixed, which the worker from the superstructure’s cabin uses an arm to dose directly to where it is needed – i.e. into pre-formed wells. Then just add the fuse and boom.

Foto: Partner Ipex

The car has a cabin at the back for the controlled application of an explosive mixture.

This method of blasting is described as more economical, ecological, safer and far more effective. By the way, Explosia was the first to use this mining method in the Czech Republic.

Tatra as a pipeline conveyor

The Tatra Dino 8×8 vehicle with a low cab for transporting oil and gas pipelines is a modified T815-2 model with an air-cooled Tatra engine, a ten-speed manual and wheel reductions. The car itself can carry over 20 tons and travels at a speed of up to 85 km/h.

Photo: Tatra Trucks

This model was used in works in, for example, Italy, Germany, but also Mexico.

And how does it work in practice? From a train or other means of transport, the pipeline is transferred to the Tatra river, which takes it to where it is needed. And how many times it really is field marasts.

Tatra tank tractor

It is one of the most powerful Tatra cars, which is referred to as Tatra 816 TTT. This tank tractor was created in a single piece as part of a tender for the United Arab Emirates, but it was not successful there, so it was sold to the USA, then it ended up in Australia and from there it returned to the Czech Republic.

Foto: Partner Ipex

The abbreviation TTT stands for Tatra Tank Transporter. The car is also called LIWA.

The unique vehicle is equipped with a water-cooled twelve-cylinder German MTU tank engine, which offers a power of 830 horsepower and a torque of over 3,000 Nm. The car also has a ten-speed automatic transmission, unusually wide 21-inch tires and a load capacity of up to 74 tons. As an interesting point, we mention that a similar piece was created for the civil sector (in the first plan) and is still running in Israel today.

Rescue special for miners

The state-owned company Diamo has a unique Tatra T 815 with a lowered cabin ready for immediate departure, which carries a crane superstructure fitted with a special transport container (cage) on its hump. It is either for two or for four people in the larger version. In addition to the car, there is a special trailer with preparations, tools and a larger transport container.

Photo: Let’s go

The special has a transport cage for emergency evacuation of miners.

If a cave-in occurs in the mine, the elevator does not work or there is another problem, the workers can be safely evacuated with the help of a 1,500 m long steel rope and the subject emergency transport container through the emergency shaft. Since the machine is old and safety is a priority in this field, Tatra is already preparing a fresh replacement on the Tatra T 815-7 Force chassis in cooperation with the French company Partner Ipex and ČKD body builder Jeřáby Slaný.

Eight-axle Tatra

Until the Liberty special was born, this red Tatra Force was the largest and longest Tatra in the world. In terms of the number of axles, we can label the car as the largest, as it has eight axles (+1 against Liberty) and a 16×8 drive at the customer’s request. It is appropriate to add here that the Tatra concept would also allow a 16×16 drive.

Photo: Tatra Trucks

This Tatra T815-7 has a 16×8 drive, but technically a 16×16 drive could also be made.

Anyway, this special carries a rig from STREICHER Drilling Technology, and that’s why it has a 12-cylinder Caterpillar C-32 engine with a capacity of 32 liters. The power of the monstrous power unit, which also drives the drilling rig, is 1,132 horsepower and a torque of an incredible 5,143 Nm! Shifting is then handled by an Allison six-speed automatic.

Expedition Tatra Terra

Her name is Jitka, it is an expedition special and the company Partner Ipex or KOV Velim participated in it, for example – well-known companies in the field of modifications, conversions and custom constructions. The basis of the car is an air-cooled 12.667-liter eight-cylinder engine with an output of 325 kW (441.8 hp) and a torque of 2,100 Nm. Gearing is provided by a manual 14-speed manual, which moves this car up to 110 km/h.

Photo: Václav Kvapil

Expedition Tatra Terra is designed to go wherever it can.

The Czech residential special weighs 15 tons, of which 3 tons can be documented up to a total weight of 18 tons. The interior can accommodate 5 passengers, the water tank is 600 liters, the waste tank is 150 liters of water, and the fuel tank is 660 liters of diesel. The car was built by an enthusiast, Václav Kvapil, so that he could simply go wherever he could.

Australian fortress Tatra Phoenix

The latest expedition venture on the Tatra chassis is the Phoenix 8×8 SLRV, which pays for Australia’s super-luxury fortress on wheels, equipped with everything you need for long-term travel anywhere. Inside, you will find a washing machine, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room and utility room. Everything brought out in an absolutely luxurious design and ready for a trip around the world. You can read more HERE.

Foto: SLRV Expedition Vehicles

The Tatra Phoenix 8×8 residential superstructure is the work of the Australian builders SLRV.

Geological Tatra Phoenix

At first glance, this Tatra Phoenix with all-wheel drive seems ordinary, but it is not. It belongs to the company Terratest, which carries a special GOUDA Holland penetration kit with a thrust capacity of 200 kN.

Foto: Terratest

The Terratest Tatra Phoenix can get down to work, literally.

The company detects the deep composition of the soil or the presence/level of groundwater by drilling a special probe deep into the ground. For that, however, it needs a counterweight, for which the Tatra lift itself is used, which is raised on hydraulic legs and leveled to a horizontal position.

Specialized superstructures directly call themselves the Tatra chassis, because it can be folded like a LEGO kit. In addition, some cabins can be placed lower, which again creates space for other design solutions. These and other features make the Kopřivnica Tatra unique, which is proven by our selection of eleven world-unique specials. By the way, which one do you like the most? Write it to us in the comments below the article!