According to Purple Trading analyst Petr Lajsko, there are several factors behind the drop in fuel prices, the main one being the development of the oil market. “Its price has been falling for four weeks in a row, and Brent oil has at times fallen below the level of $80 per barrel. It is already more than four dollars lower than before the outbreak of the conflict in the Middle East,” said Lajsek.

According to analysts, the drop in prices should continue in the following week. According to Trinity Bank Chief Economist Lukáš Kovanda, a liter of gasoline will be cheaper by about 20 pennies and a liter of diesel by about 40 pennies in the next seven days.

Also according to XTB analyst Jiří Tyleček, the outlook for the next few days is optimistic. “The price of oil is falling again and wholesale fuel prices are also lower, and the Czech crown is also strengthening, so oil is cheaper in our currency. However, there is one important factor that can spoil the discounting, and that is the meeting of the OPEC+ organization at the end of the month. If its members come to an agreement and reduce mining again, we will be able to forget about the lower price at gas stations,” said Tyleček.

The cheapest gasoline in the Czech Republic is filled by drivers in the South Bohemian and Pardubice regions, where a liter costs an average of 37.37 crowns. Diesel is the cheapest in the Hradec Králové region, a liter is sold there for an average of 37.57 crowns.

On the contrary, the most expensive fuel is offered by pumps in Prague. A liter of natural gas costs an average of 40.02 crowns in the capital, and the same amount of diesel costs 40.14 CZK per liter.

Fuels in the Czech Republic have been getting cheaper since the beginning of October, before that they had risen in price for about four months. In a year-on-year comparison, gasoline is almost 2.70 crowns cheaper. Motorists now pay an average of almost 4.90 crowns less for diesel than a year ago.

Average fuel prices in the Czech Republic as of November 22, 2023 (in CZK/l):

End Natural 95 Nafta
CR 37,95 38,20
Prague 40,02 40,14
Central Bohemia 38,55 38,75
South Bohemian 37,37 37,66
Pilsen 38,12 38,59
Karlovy Vary 37,56 37,83
Ústí 37,40 37,69
Liberecký 37,57 37,85
Královéhradecky 37,38 37,57
Pardubice 37,37 37,71
Highlands 38,17 38,38
South Moravian 38,52 38,53
Olomouc 38,23 38,52
Zlínský 37,47 37,68
Moravian-Silesian 37,61 37,94