The ministry has been gradually adding test questions for the past two years, during which time their number has grown from about 850 to more than 1,000. In January, more than 50 more will be added. 20,” said Janda. Dynamic questions are in the form of videos or computer simulations.

While previous new sets of questions were usually somewhat themed, this is not the case. “There won’t be one specific topic. For static questions, we chose a certain combination of safe driving principles and, in particular, since the fundamental amendment to Act 361 is changing on January 1st, there will be news related to the amendment to Act 361 and Decree 294 from 2015. Specifically, about new traffic signs. added the representative of the ministry. Among the new ones is the safe distance mark. “We are completely changing the meaning of this road sign and focusing on the two-second rule. So that the two-second rule (of giving way) is instilled in the drivers,” said Janda.

In the new questions, drivers also solve what defensive driving is, how to drive correctly in the connection lane or which icon from the vehicle’s assistants informs the driver that the rear fog lights are on. According to Janda, they want to respond to the increasing number of assistants in cars. “I think that a number of not only novice drivers, but also current drivers do not know what happens when an assistant or communicator lights up. What does it actually mean and how should they behave at all,” he added.

According to Janda, the tests, due to the fact that they are published on various websites, are not only useful for driving school students, but also for those who already have a driver’s license. “Secondarily, we educate them because we always try to focus those questions on something new or on something where the most mistakes are made,” he said.

Among the new questions, for example, there will be one focused on whether the driver of the vehicle is obliged to maintain a safe lateral distance of 1.5 meters or meter when passing a cyclist traveling in the same direction in the reserved lane. The correct answer is that they don’t have to, because in that case it’s not overtaking.