Users who are still stuck with Windows 10 (or who can’t install Windows 11 on their PC) can now try one of the most interesting features in recent years. Just a few days after Microsoft confirmed that it will bring Copilot to Windows 10, users of this operating system can install the Release Previewwhich also includes access to this assistant powered by generative artificial intelligence.

To install Early Access and possibly try Copilot on Windows 10 Home or Pro, you need to be enrolled in the Windows Insider program for testers. Even so, it is not guaranteed that you will get access to the chatbot immediately. Microsoft says it may take some time for it to be yours device confirmed as suitable for Copilot on Windows. To get quick access to Copilot once your PC is confirmed to be eligible, Microsoft recommends turning on Get the latest updates as they become available in Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.

In order to run Copilot, your system will need at least 4 GB of RAM and a display adapter supporting at least 720p resolution. Microsoft also notes that the chatbot feature is still available only in selected markets (ie in North America and some areas of Asia and South America).

Also interesting is that Copilot will not work if you place the main panel on the left or right side of the display. You will have to have main panel in horizontal position. Copilot is also not fully compatible with multi-monitor setups, the icon will only appear on the primary display. Additionally, Copilot will not be available for now on Windows 10 Pro PCs that are managed by an organization.

You can ask questions, manage Windows features and work with documents through the chatbot. However, Copilot works a little differently in Windows 10, if only because some features of Windows 11 are not available.


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