T-shirts with rally cars and formulas, models and toys – we searched the offer of the Renault branded store.

The French car manufacturer recently published interesting statistics of the e-shop with its branded accessories. It was introduced in a new form three years ago and offered a simplified ordering process, secure payment and international shipping to almost 50 countries around the world. Now it contains almost 400 products, by the way, the average order is worth 68 euros.

The contribution of the first Renault Twingo is underappreciated.  It defined the profile of the city car and is still their role model today

It is said that Renault designers are directly involved in the products, and in this way they can break away from classic work and ventilate their creative efforts in other ways. We took a look at the offer and we recognize that there are nice things not only for fans of the brand. According to Renault, the big hits include the car track, on which prototypes of the Renault 5 E-Tech and its racing version Turbo 3E in 1/43 scale race.

New are the Renault 5 prototype models in 1/15 scale made of resin and available in several colors. The offer includes t-shirts and other clothes with legendary historic Renaults, stylish skateboards, R5 children’s car for small drivers or remote control models. The 1/20 scale model of the Caudron-Renault C.450 racing aircraft that won the Coupe de la Meurthe in 1934 looks very nice.