Instagram launched the ability to download publicly available videos back in June, but limited the feature’s availability to mobile users in the US. Now the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced on his broadcast channel that the feature is rolling out to all users worldwide. Anyone can now download Instagram “Reels” videos to their device, and not just save them for later viewing. Just click on the “share” button, from where you can then start the download.

As he states TechCrunchMosseri explained during his broadcast that downloaded Reels will have an Instagram watermark with the account usernamesimilar to downloaded videos from TikTok. Besides, they will downloaded Reels contain music only in cases where it will be their own original compositions. If licensed background music is used in videos, Instagram will remove the sound from them.

TikTok’s video download feature helps attract more users to the app, as it gives creators (and sharers) an easy way to share clips across platforms. People who don’t have TikTok can then decide to sign up for the app if they find creators they want to follow, or if they want to see more similar types of content. Instagram might want to repeat this strategy, though users will have the option to prevent their Reels from being downloaded – just turn off the option in the settings that allows other users to download Reels.