It’s been 10 years since Killer Instinct debuted exclusively on Xbox One. The great news is that the third part of the series these fighting games will soon happen free-to-play. The basic version of the game will offer one free fighter that will change every week, access to single player modes and more. You will be able to try it out on all platforms where Killer Instinct is available, i.e. on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One a PC.

The developer studio Iron Galaxy also revealed that players will be able to purchase Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition for $30. This will include each of the 29 fighters, all premium content for the game, XP boosters, holiday accessories and more. The Anniversary Edition will replace the Definitive Edition on Xbox and PC (ie via the Xbox app or the Microsoft Store).

It’s also worth noting that Iron Galaxy will also be releasing more content from the Anniversary Edition soon, namely app that will offer developer interviews, concept art, as well as access to the original two Killer Instinct games. However, users who own a digital copy of the Definitive Edition will be able to download said content even after Iron Galaxy cancels this version of the game.

Owners of any version of Killer Instinct on Steam will get free upgrade to anniversary edition. As part of this change, Iron Galaxy will stop selling individual fighters, so if you want access to the full lineup, you’ll need to purchase the Anniversary Edition or play Killer Instinct through Game Pass, as it’s a Microsoft-published game. However, you will still have access to all previously purchased games.

Iron Galaxy did not say when specifically the anniversary edition will appear and when the base game will be free. The studio claims it is in the final testing phase. Although Killer Instinct isn’t one of the most hyped titles out there right now, with the current fighting game renaissance, it might be the best time to revive it.


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