Some anniversaries make you go gray – for example, the favorite racing game of our youth.

There was nothing better than coming home from school, throwing down the briefcase in the hallway and immediately diving into the world of illegal racing and modified cars. Just remembering the main menu, in which Lil Jon played with the Eastside Boyz with the song Get Low, brings a nostalgic tear to the eye.

The game Need for Speed: Underground represented a major departure from the original concept of this entire racing series – if we exclude the “branded” part of Porsche Unleashed and V-Rally, which only took the NFS label. While all previous editions had you driving expensive exotic sports cars, Underground sent you among tuners and street racers, but the Fast and the Furious era also flourished.

In the beginning, you could choose a Volkswagen Golf GTI, Peugeot 206, Honda Civic or Mazda MX-5 as your first car. You could race in classic circuits in the city, drifts, sprints or from point to point – each discipline placed different demands on players and controls. You gradually unlocked tuning bumpers, sills, wings, decals, vinyls, neons, paints and so on, as well as more powerful cars. There were a total of 20 machines, the very icons of the world of tuning – for example Honda S2000, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Lancer, Acura RSX and others. At the top, of course, was the Nissan GT-R R34, with which most players drove the final race to become the best street racer in the fictional Olympic City.

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The game was of unprecedented quality – fun, colorful and with beautiful graphics full of lights, reflections and blurring at high speed. In it you will find licensed products from well-known tuning brands – Sparco, Greddy, NOS, Enkei and more than fifty others. A huge success was the soundtrack of licensed songs from the biggest stars and in genres from hip hop to rap, rock and drum and bass. In addition to the already mentioned Lil Jon, you toured with Rob Zombie, JXL, Asian Dub Foundation or Crystal Method. In total, over 15 million copies of the first Underground were sold, which was followed by the second part and then other games from the tuner’s NFS line: Most Wanted, Carbon, Heat or the latest Unbound.