At first glance, you’d say we’re just looking at another facelift. From the outside, the Panamera hasn’t really changed that much, the five-meter-long car retains its characteristic low silhouette and well-known face.

Matrix LED headlights are standard, but HD Matrix LED technology with high resolution is available as an option, with 32,0000 pixels in each reflector. Among other things, it is equipped with brand new functions, such as special lane lighting and boasts a range of up to 600 meters.

Photo: Porsche

The biggest technical innovation is the HD Matrix LED headlights.

The driver’s workplace will also be familiar to you – digital alarm clocks with round indicators are accompanied by a central infotainment screen embedded in the dashboard. For an additional fee, you can equip your Panamera with an additional 10.9″ display for the passenger, similar to the case with the Cayenne flagship SUV.

Photo: Porsche

The cabin of the Panamera looks quite familiar.

Fans of bulky motors will be pleased to look at the technical specifications. The basic Panamera (and Panamera 4 with all-wheel drive) has a 2.9-liter turbocharged six-cylinder with an output of 353 hp and 500 newton meters of torque, so compared to its predecessor, the engine has improved by 23 hp and 50 Nm. The engine has changed filling pressure, different fuel injection and ignition timing. The rear wheel accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds and whizzes by at 272 km/h, with 4×4 drive you reach 100 km/h four tenths of a second earlier and the maximum speed will cut you off at 270 km/h.

At the top of the engine range sits the Turbo E-Hybrid design with a combustion heart in the form of a four-liter eight-cylinder. Together with the electric motor, they deliver 680 horsepower and a mammoth torque of 930 newton meters. The electric motor is newly integrated into the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, saving about five kilograms. The Panamera hits 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 315 km/h. The battery with a capacity of 25.9 kWh is enough for 91 kilometers of purely electric driving, and at an output of 11 kW, it is recharged in 2 hours and 39 minutes.

As standard, the car is equipped with two-chamber, two-valve air suspension, which, according to the creators, should bring an even greater range between comfortable cruising and sharp sports driving. For the top-of-the-line E-Hybrid, the Active Ride chassis with newly developed shock absorbers connected to an electrically controlled hydraulic pump is available as an option. The technology can keep the body level, for example, even during full braking.

In addition to the sophisticated chassis, the Panamera’s standard equipment has grown to include LED Matrix headlights, a parking assistant, a driving mode switch on the steering wheel, and a refrigerated compartment for a smartphone with wireless charging. The price list starts at 2,786,116 CZK, the four-wheeler will cost 2,891,386 CZK. If you want the top E-Hybrid, prepare CZK 4,988,286. The first pieces will be delivered to European buyers in March next year.