The new version, labeled Premiere Edition, is distinguished by a unique paint finish. It is the only one available in the new Urban Khaki green shade in a two-tone design and exclusively with new 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels with dark gray and brushed surfaces. The green shade of the body is repeated in the cabin as well, we can find it on the stitching of the upholstery, decorative lines on the instrument panel or in the doors.

However, the palette of shades for the Premiere Edition also includes pearl white Platinum and silver metallic, in both cases in a two-tone design. The offer also includes a new paint for other versions: the blue shade of Juniper.

Fairly large changes have taken place in the interior. In addition to new upholstery patterns and softened plastics in the lower part of the instrument panel, you can especially look forward to a new environment including a configurable digital instrument panel and a faster-reacting multimedia system with a richer range of functions. The size of both displays is at the top of the class – depending on the equipment line, a 7″ or 12.3″ instrument panel is available, respectively a 9″ or 10.5″ touchscreen multimedia display.

Foto: Toyota

The improved infotainment has more powerful hardware, so it should also be faster.

Toyota highlights the Toyota Smart Connect cloud-based infotainment navigation, which can provide up-to-date information on routes, traffic and possible delays. And he also mentions an improved voice assistant, remote access to the vehicle via a mobile app, and even wireless integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones.

Toyota paid a lot of attention to safety, that is why the Yaris Cross is equipped with an improved package of functions to support safety, easier driving and parking, which the manufacturer calls Toyota T-Mate.

Toyota Yaris Cross.Video: Toyota

The package includes, for example, an anti-collision safety system, an acceleration suppression function (it intervenes by suppressing sudden acceleration if it recognizes the risk of a collision with the vehicle in front), a proactive steering assistant (it is supposed to help prevent the most common types of accidents when driving slowly), an assistant for deceleration (ensures deceleration after releasing of the accelerator pedal in order to reduce the speed when the vehicle is coasting in front or approaching a corner), steering assistant (recognizes a turn in the direction of travel and adjusts steering resistance) or driver assistance system for emergency stopping of the vehicle (helps the driver in case of sudden nausea or indisposition; if the driver is inactive activates an audible warning, or can slow the vehicle to a stop, turn on the hazard lights and unlock the doors). Toyota is also said to have improved adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition.

Those interested can choose from two hybrid drives, including the new, more powerful Hybrid 130 variant. Both engines are based on a 1.5-liter three-cylinder, which in both cases provides 68 kW (92 hp) and 120 Nm. Both versions thus differ in the electrified part of the drive. While the basic Hybrid 115 (the designation corresponds to the output in horses) offers a maximum system power of 85 kW and a maximum torque of 141 Nm, the more powerful Hybrid 130 gives up to 97 kW and 185 Nm. All-wheel drive is available for both versions.

Toyota further promises that it comes with a number of measures to suppress noise and vibration. Specifically, it states that a dynamic damper has been added to the left side of the engine mount, a resonator has been built into the intake system hose, the insulating material inside the dashboard now contains three layers instead of one, and there is an additional layer of insulating felt in the area between the engine compartment and the windshield. Aerodynamic noise and road noise helps dampen the stronger material of the car’s windshield and front and rear side windows.

We do not yet know when the updated Yaris Cross will be launched. However, online bookings should be launched soon.