The future of the UK car industry depends on batteries. A generous grant is on the way to remedy the situation.

Europe has set a frantic pace in the electromobility boom, but it will slow down due to external circumstances. Forecasts speak of a 15% weakening next year. After an economically challenging period and a decrease in state incentives, interest in electric cars is lower and production obstacles will also influence the transformation, which will take some time to resolve. Nevertheless, Europe stubbornly pours more huge sums into electromobility.

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Great Britain shows how heroic the transition to “full” electromobility will be. If it wanted to maintain the current pace of the automotive industry with battery cars even in 2030, it would have to create a battery factory with a capacity of 90 GWh as quickly as possible and then increase the number to 200 GWh by 2040. At the same time, its current state is around 2 GWh.

Car companies know this. The Stellantis group in Ellesmere Port produces only electric cars and Jaguar Land Rover will build a gigafactory in Bridgnorth with a capacity of 60 GWh. This project is strongly supported by the government, which has allocated CZK 127.5 billion to strengthen the manufacturing sector, with CZK 57 billion going to increase the production of electric cars and components for them over the next five years. According to Sky News, Nissan is also part of the plan, which wants to produce electric successors to the Juke and Qashqai models in Sunderland. Their electric versions have not yet been introduced.

The construction of the EV360 type battery factory will be supported by the government, but it is not clear how much it will donate to Nissan from the mentioned package. The project is high in the hierarchy of priorities. It would bring an increase in capacity of 35 GWh and 6,000 new jobs to the local industry. It is also a big event for Nissan, where it will invest over CZK 30 billion.

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Toyota is also happy about the grant. There is not much talk about her yet, but apparently she won’t come soon. He produces a hybrid Corolla in Burnaston, and he considers the insufficient financial support of the factory to be the biggest obstacle in the plan to move the production of electric cars. This can be easily solved.