Škoda has a feeling for useful innovations that make everyday travel more pleasant. Save a lot of time with this one!

How would you like to avoid long queues to pay for fuel, or even better, not go to the store at all? As part of the expansion of digital services, Škoda is now providing the Pay to Fuel method of contactless payment for fuel.

Gas stations supporting this platform are marked in the navigation map. Upon arrival at the selected station, the car will automatically recognize it. The driver opens the application on the infotainment display and confirms the number of the stand at which he stopped. After refueling, they agree on the amount of fuel added and the system automatically makes payment with a registered payment card. The successful completion of the transaction is displayed on the central screen and on the mobile phone in the MyŠkoda application.

Pay to Fuel is currently available in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Don’t worry, it will also arrive in the Czech Republic, but it is not yet officially clear when that will happen. The function will work in all Škoda models with an internal combustion engine that are equipped with Amundsen or Columbus multimedia systems. It is also necessary to have a Škoda Connect account, activated remote access through the MyŠkoda application, where you also register a payment or debit card once.

This is what the basic Škoda Superb looks like.  A million won't be enough for you, but extra fees aren't even necessary anymore

It should be added that this is not the first application that eliminates the need to go to the cash register when paying for fuel. The Shell mobile application also makes it possible: you come to the gas station, select its number in the application, enter the maximum price for refueling, pay with your mobile phone and refuel. In addition, Shell stations have “refuellers”, i.e. workers who fill up your car, so you don’t have to get out of the car at all. You must enter your payment card number. At Orlen, you pay for fuel again with a QR code displayed right next to the stand. The service also already works in the Czech Republic.