Prague 1 took a hard line against night noise by banning entry. Both the City Hall and the Prague management objected to the inappropriate procedure.

Prague struggles with heavy traffic in the historic center. In the summer, there was a stormy discussion regarding the entrance fee to the historical part. Originally, there was talk of the whole of Prague 1, but in the end it will be only three streets (Dlouhá, the part from Křížovnická to Smetanovo nábřeží and Klimentská together with Újezd). The amount of CZK 200 for passes should start to be collected from the beginning of next year. Now Prague is tightening and adding another significant traffic restriction.

Activists want to anger hundreds of drivers again.  Prague wants to kick them out onto the sidewalk, they're going to court

The City Council of Prague 1 unanimously agreed to ban motor vehicles from entering the Old Town between ten in the evening and six in the morning. The decision confirms the installed traffic signs. The ban was supposed to be effective from Friday evening, with police patrols monitoring compliance. The control of the authorization of entry also applied to the vehicles of the traffic service and taxi services.

The riskiest intersection in the Czech Republic can be found in the center of Prague.  In two years, there were 103 accidents on it

The ban was proposed for the part lined by Dvořák embankment, Pařížská, Revoluční and Staroměstské náměstí. The aim was to relieve the locals from the noise caused by the active nightlife.

However, the citizens and councils of the surrounding parts of Prague are rebelling against the restrictions, which, on the contrary, will be burdened in terms of traffic. Entry restrictions were the main point of Friday’s Assembly of Mayors held at the Prague 13 Town Hall. Prague 1 had already introduced this restriction in the past, but shortly afterwards the court canceled it due to insufficient justification. And he probably won’t do it a second time.

The porter was only supposed to park the car, instead he went to the meeting.  His Audi RS 7 was stolen there

Regarding this issue, there are long discussions with the Municipality, which responded to the immediate installation of signs and the enforcement of the ban by suspending the decree regarding the mentioned ban and crossing out the newly erected traffic signs. According to him, the actions of Prague 1 are not in accordance with the law.

The municipality is upset that the news was not communicated through an official channel and the people of Prague did not have the opportunity to learn about it in advance. It is said that even the management of Prague did not know about it. The whole matter is the subject of heated discussions and will probably have a very dynamic development. According to information from the end of the working week, the Prague promoter Bohuslav Svoboda will have the signs restricting entry to the Old Town invalidated.