At the outset, let us remind you that the Bugatti car company presented the Bolide model already in 2020, but at that time it was only a concept. After its premiere, however, she started developing the production version, which should be just as fascinating as the aforementioned study.

The Bolide thus represents a stunning circuit special that is not allowed on ordinary roads. After all, the name itself suggests it, because bolide means racing car in French. Therefore, not only the engine performance, but also the production processes and materials were subordinated to this purpose. The developers paid great attention to weight, aerodynamics and safety.

For example, the car received an extremely rigid monocoque made of carbon composite, thanks to which it even meets the safety rules of the International Automobile Federation FIA. The brand could thus enter the world of endurance racing with this car, if it were interested.

Bugatti Bolide.Video: Bugatti

The weight also looks interesting – the dry weight should be about 1,450 kilograms, which is a very decent value, especially when the standard Chiron weighs about 2 tons.

Of course, the drive is taken care of by the proven eight-liter sixteen-cylinder doped with four turbochargers, which should offer a performance of around 1,600 horsepower. But there are also speculations that the performance could even exceed 1,800 horses.

Bugatti plans to produce just 40 examples, and it is said that it already has a buyer for each of them. The price reportedly starts at some 105 million crowns.

In any case, the future owners have something to look forward to. Performance, weight, construction and aerodynamics have already been discussed, but now Bugatti is also teasing the interior while waiting for the car.

Bugatti BolideVideo: Bugatti

And she looks very interesting too. At first glance, the shape of the steering wheel catches your eye, which by the way goes well with the design of the rear lights. In front of it is a digital instrument panel. In a special way, Bugatti designed ventilation outlets, the shape of which resembles exhaust tips.

Again, we have the inspiration of the rear parts. On the center panel we see physical buttons for controlling some important functions.

Of course, the shell seats, which are anchored directly to the carbon monocoque, cannot be missing. At the same time, customers can choose the size of the seats corresponding to their figure, there are four “dimensions” to choose from. And since the seats are fixed to the floor, the pedals and steering wheel are adjustable.

The first photos of the interior show the car with interior upholstery mainly in blue Alcantara, which can be found not only on the seats, but also on the dashboard or door panels. A large part of the cabin is also made up of exposed carbon details.

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