When you sit in the interior of basically any big Audi, you can’t help but nod your head over and over again at the workshop and material quality. Of course, the minimalist, even austere Germanic design may not suit everyone, but when it comes to quality, there is nothing to discuss at all. And when it gets dark, the ambient lighting with selectable color and intensity will help it even more.

A lot of space, comfortable seats, top equipment, all this helps to feel completely comfortable. In the case of the tested car, you can count on absolute silence in city traffic, where this Q7 can operate exclusively on the electric part of the drive. The electric motor has 130 horsepower and 400 Nm, which is more than enough for relatively brisk movement in city traffic, and the car starts straight away in fully electric mode. In short, it is assumed that, as a typical owner of a plug-in hybrid, you will plug it into your wallbox every evening at home and the next day you will drive mainly on electricity and, if necessary, on gasoline.

It must be said, however, that during a longer drive on the roads and highways, you definitely can’t complain about anything in the Audi Q7. Yes, the electric drive together with the battery with a capacity of 17.3 kWh, which is enough for the car for about 40 km of electric travel, added three meters to the weight and moved the total value to 2.5 tons, so you can’t rush into the corners completely headlong, but the gasoline the six-cylinder fork doesn’t have the slightest problem with that mass, and of course it gets a little help from the electric motor at appropriate times.

A total of 462 horsepower and 700 Nm are values ​​that will leave the vast majority of conventional models in the dust. With the exception of the eight-cylinder SQ7 model, this is the fastest Q7 currently available. And if you charge correctly and drive sensibly, it will also be one of the most economical. Learn more in the video.