Fuel prices should not change in connection with the transition to the new type, informed the Čepro company. The Orlen Unipetrol group, which operates the network of Orlen Benzina gas stations, will also switch to the new type of fuel in its production from January.

According to Čeper, the change is related to the transition of key suppliers to the production of gasoline in E10 quality. “The refinery, connected to the product pipeline system of the Čepro company, is switching over to the production of E10 automobile gasoline. This change will naturally manifest itself over time in the composition of stored and dispensed automotive gasoline,” said Čepra CEO Jan Duspeva.

The transition to the new product, which should be more environmentally friendly, will take a few days at EuroOil gas stations, and it will take several months in the complex storage system, depending on how it is possible to gradually change the existing stock. “The transition to E10 has no effect on the high quality of the fuels we sell. In the same way, we are ready to meet all our obligations to customers or the State Material Reserves Administration,” said Duspeva.

According to Čeper, E10 fuel is suitable for all gasoline-powered vehicles manufactured after 2005. “Drivers need not worry, no changes to the engine or vehicle technology are necessary. They can find the marking of the currently sold fuel at the gas stations, as stipulated by law,” Duspeva said. For customers who do not want to buy gasoline in E10 quality, EuroOil will also keep high-octane gasoline BA 98 Super Plus in E5 quality in distribution. Some older cars however, they will probably need service adjustments for this type of gasoline.

The transition to the new type was also announced by the Orlen Unipetrol group last week. “This is not a significant technological change for our refineries, because we have been supplying gasoline of this quality to Germany, Hungary and Slovakia for many years,” said the group’s CEO Tomasz Wiatrak. Until now, the Orlen Benzina chain offered E10 gasoline in the high-octane variant in the Czech Republic. From next year, it will also convert its basic gasoline fuel to this type.

According to oil companies, E10 quality car gasoline reduces greenhouse gas emissions because it contains up to ten percent renewable fuel produced from matter or waste of organic origin. It is currently on the market in some countries such as Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria. In the Czech Republic, the Super plus category (above 98 octane) has been introduced for some commonly sold gasoline.

Čepro is engaged in the transportation, storage and sale of petroleum products and operates a network of EuroOil gas stations in the Czech Republic, which, according to the company’s website, has 200 stations, which ranks it third in the number of gas stations in the Czech Republic and fourth in terms of the volume of fuel sales . It is owned by the state, the only shareholder is the Ministry of Finance. Čepro is currently buying the competing Robin Oil network, which has over 70 stations.