Oh yeah, I know, another Christmas gift tips article on a car website. I’m tired of it too, I always know what to expect. These will be watches for hundreds of thousands, luxury models for tens of thousands and stupid t-shirts from car manufacturers for thousands that can last two washes. Boring, without ideas and especially things that everyone prefers to buy themselves. So I tried to select for you such things that every car fan would probably want at home, but maybe doesn’t even know about them. So take a look, but don’t let anyone see you, but you know why…

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Rush LP

I honestly don’t have anyone around me who doesn’t like this movie, which of course is due to the social bubble. The filming of the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt won us over both with the cast and the stunning and highly saturated color grading from the 70s. The soundtrack, composed for this film by Hans Zimmer, certainly has a lion’s share in the film’s success. This is the man who can give goosebumps. But remember Duna.

Gordon Murray revealed Niki Lauda's special T.50s.  The circuit toy has 835 horsepower per ton

The soundtrack to the movie Rivals was also released on vinyl in 2013. They are two LPs in red, and since Gramofonka did not have a branch in Canada at that time, these records will definitely be made in Loděnice near Beroun. If you want these records I would refer you to Discogs, but you can find them elsewhere. You can’t buy them new, of course, but here I think it’s possible to talk about some kind of collecting.

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If your recipient is not one of those who does not like to drive for gifts, and at the same time has a weakness for Japanese roadsters, this tip is for you. In the heart of Italy, halfway between San Marino and Rome, there is a very nice hotel surrounded by beautiful nature. The hotel has a barn that houses a collection of Japanese Mazda MX-5 roadsters. It’s called Miataland here, you can stay here, rent a car and browse the archives of catalogs and books related to this particular car.

An electric Mazda MX-5 is not yet possible.  The current ND will stick around for a long time, expect limited editions

The barn houses 49 examples from 1989 to 2019 and includes limited editions and special models with unique bodies. When you are staying here, you can take selected vehicles every day on a trip. This is probably the biggest attraction, but you will definitely like the location, the pool and the Italian breakfast. They have vouchers on the website, one night with a double bed costs 185 euros, or two nights for 360 euros.

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Engine kit

I promised no dozen, so even kits, but this is a slightly different kind of building after all. There are several manufacturers, among the more famous are Franzis or Haynes. Prices vary, ranging from three thousand for plastic and metal to tens of thousands for fully metal. Forked eight-cylinders are mostly sold this way, but you can also buy an in-line four-cylinder or a Porsche flat engine.

Confirmed: Mercedes C 63 and E 63 AMG will never have a V8 again.  According to the head of the brand, it's good

But it doesn’t have to be just engines for cars, you can also find a jet engine from an airplane or a single cylinder for a scooter. Most of these engines can be powered by electricity, but the best, and of course the most expensive, can also run on gasoline. It is an ideal gift, for example, for dads who want to explain the workings of an internal combustion engine to their inquisitive children.

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I would like to break the ice that candles are boring. They are not. It seems like an emergency gift that you tell the person in question that you don’t really know anything about and it means to you a piece of wax with a wick in a glass that you bought for sixty crowns along the way. But that is no longer the case. First of all, those pieces of junk don’t really cost sixty crowns anymore (if they are supposed to be of at least some quality) and secondly, their producers are becoming more and more creative.

The oil giant took a rough ride in electric cars.  In the name of the love of driving

You can buy a candle in a stylized package that smells like tobacco and whiskey when lit. Alternatively, you can buy ones that have ‘The Man Cave’ or ‘Asshole Repellent’ written on them. We mention candles mainly because there are also those with the smell of petrol. Some of them even come in a tin container shaped like a fuel/oil barrel. You will definitely not be offended by such a candle.

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… and everything else from the Goodwood shop. The county-owned store that hosts the iconic car gathering has plenty of merchandise for car lovers. Here you can buy t-shirts, pendants, diaries and racing overalls. But always with the theme of classic cars and the place itself. But if you want to be a little more original, you can also order something from the local farm, which also owns the brewery. Brewing beer has a tradition in Richmond, with the first records dating back to 1738.

TEST Rolls-Royce Cullinan (441 kW): As if strawberry beer and a diesel Bentley weren't enough

There are three types available. The first is APA (American Pale Ale), a bitter beer with a hint of caramel. The second is a top-fermented Ale and the third is Flying Elephant, a beer the brewery pays tribute to aviation. After all, every beer on the menu has a story of its own that is worth reading. A pack of twelve pieces costs less than six hundred. You can have them at home just to serve it chilled to your friends one day and say it’s from Goodwood. I would like to be part of the debate that this will certainly start.