In the video, Ola Källenius sat behind the wheel of the upcoming novelty and tried to convince us of its capabilities in the field. The electric G class, which will probably bear the EQG designation, should offer the same off-road characteristics as the version with internal combustion engines.

The German car manufacturer has therefore equipped the car with interesting technology. It consists of four electric motors, each of which is in charge of one wheel. This solution offers interesting torque vectoring options and ensures that each wheel always has enough traction.

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of the four-motor drive, Källenius took the electric G-Class on an off-road course that included a variety of surfaces and conditions during filming. Of course, the car coped with them without any problems, even so easily that the head of the brand expressed the opinion that the battery “geekko” could be an even better off-roader than the traditional design.

Mercedes-Benz boss Ola Källenius shows off the capabilities of the electric G-Class.Video: Mercedes-Benz

The most interesting part of the video, however, is the section in which Källenius presents the car’s unique ability to turn literally on the spot, similar to how tracked vehicles manage. This “party trick”, which Mercedes calls the “G-turn”, is made possible precisely by the presence of four electric motors driving the individual wheels.

Of course, the art of turning on a spot can be very useful in the field. And it really looks very impressive in the video.

The electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class should be unveiled sometime next year, so we can expect an influx of important information in the coming weeks or months. Currently, we do not have many of them available, we do not know the performance, the range or the price.