Maybe you didn’t even consider Lexus because of the price. Definitely add it to your list next week.

The end of this year is marked by big discounts on new cars. A number of car companies have already completed their events, but some are just starting them. The Japanese Lexus is also joining them for the first time. The premium brand has prepared a weekly “Business Week” event for interested parties, where you will once again save a lot of money.

Get the best price on the Lexus UX SUV during the week of December 4-9. As part of the event, it will start at 799,000 CZK, which will reduce the price by 356,000 CZK. For comparison: for the same price it was possible to buy a Lexus UX in 2018, when it came to the market. In addition, after a discount of more than 100,000. Those who prefer repayment will be pleased with the possibility of financing in the form of operational leasing KINTO One with installments of CZK 7,990 without VAT per month.

You can save a similar amount by buying the ES sedan, where Lexus reduces the price by CZK 334,000 to CZK 1,199,000. The price is comparable to the base price from autumn 2018, when the ES sedan arrived on the Czech market. The last model included in the promotion is the RX SUV, where Lexus discounts CZK 275,000 to CZK 1,555,000. Here, too, you can use KINTO One financing. The monthly payment for the ES sedan is 13,999 CZK without VAT, the RX 350h Comfort 4×4 E-Four will cost you 15,999 CZK per month without VAT.

Thanks to the reduced prices, Lexus is entering the territory of more mainstream brands, so it will appear on the list of those who did not think about it before. In addition, the Japanese automaker has made huge strides forward in recent years in renewing its model portfolio using a new platform.

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But Lexus Business Week is not just about prices. The completely new LBX will gradually be available for pre-order in six showrooms in the Czech Republic. It will be shown in Ostrava, Prague, Karlovy Vary, Hradec Králové, Brno and finally in Průhonice.