The vast majority of us drivers carry their driver’s license hidden in their wallet and do not reach for it, no matter how long the year is. And that can cause problems. Both with the validity of the ŘP, which we deal with in a separate article, and with the fact that we can now and then go on trips without a wallet. Maybe so that I don’t spend. But even if the state already knows how to inform drivers that their “papers” will soon be forfeited, it won’t do anything about forgetting your driver’s license at home.

And the consent law dictates that at just such a moment a police patrol will stop you: “Hello, driver’s license and technical license, please.” The police (as well as the driver) are now in an awkward situation. And all because of outdated legislation. The law dictates that the driver must always have a valid driver’s license with him. Even at a time when the police can easily check whether you have valid documents. And the police are looking at you anyway. Perhaps because your name does not appear in the list of wanted persons.

So what penalty is there if an otherwise authorized driver goes on the road without a license plate? You are in danger a fine of CZK 2,000 on the spot and CZK 2,500 in administrative proceedings. You don’t get points.

Driver’s license with you after 2024

However, change is coming. From January 1, 2024, police officers will need an ID card. You guessed it right, because in a few seconds it will check whether you have an ID card or not.

The Ministry of Transport still advises that every driver has a valid driver’s license and knows where he is. It can be useful, for example, when traveling abroad, where it is still true that a story about having papers in your other pants will not soften anyone up.