Recently, Google Drive users have been reporting that their files and folders are getting lost. Google has acknowledged the issue and said it appears to be caused by the Drive for desktop app.

Obviously, this is a large-scale problem. One user on Google’s support forums reported that the company data spreadsheet he regularly updated had lost all data for the past nearly five years, with the last version showing as late as January 2019 in the history.”I’m really upset because it was important data that I don’t have locally backed up. I need to get this data back at any cost.” Another user reported that his Google Drive reverted to May 2023, with all files saved after May 2023 gone.

Google acknowledged the issue in a post yesterday: “We are investigating reports of an issue affecting a limited subset of Drive for desktop users.” The company added that the problem concerns versions – of the Drive for desktop application. It advised users not to click the “disconnect account” button in the Drive for desktop application and not to delete or move a specific application folder called DriveFS. Google even recommends creating a copy of the folder on Google Drive and backing up the data on a local drive.

Google offers several ways to recover (or at least review) deleted files. One option is to check the trash, which is automatically emptied after 30 days. It’s also a good idea to check the activity bar, which shows all deleted or moved files along with the relevant date.