One would almost like to say that the news is no longer surprising. Its external appearance outlined the concept of the Bigster, details about the technology and offered engines also came to light. Nevertheless, we dare to say that it will be very busy around the Dacia stand at the Geneva Motor Show. And it will surely be helped by the recent photo leak that is circulating all over the internet right now. They reveal the final form of the novelty, which, compared to its predecessor, has matured into an imaginative SUV that looks almost like a concept.

Photo: Dacia

Leaked images cut from the official trailer also peek into the cabin. Can we see the digital instrument panel correctly?

The new car on the CMF-B platform (shared with Renault and Nissan cars) will have something to build on. In its 13 years of existence, 2.2 million units of the two previous generations were sold. And although the life of the current one – introduced in 2017 – is coming to an end, sales are constantly growing. In the first ten months of this year, Dacia sold over 122 thousand units, which is a year-on-year improvement of seven and a half percent. Only the small hatchback Sandero is more successful, reporting 175,000 units sold and a growth of eighteen percent compared to last year.

What do we already know? In addition to the new technical basis, we are also expecting a rearranged range of engines. We will certainly say goodbye to the turbodiesel, the petrol three-cylinder will play a leading role (including the LPG-burning version) and later a full-hybrid will also arrive with a new 18-cylinder engine. Manual and automatic transmissions will remain available, and all-wheel drive will also be available. In 2025, the novelty will see an even bigger sibling named Bigster, which will offer up to seven seats.