A pick-up with an in-line six cylinder from BMW, which is not afraid of any terrain, may sound like science fiction, but now it is a reality.

The car, which is named after the favorite pub of its creator, has now also been produced as a pick-up truck. We are, of course, talking about the rugged Ineos Grenadier SUV, which was created as a spiritual successor to the iconic Land Rover Defender. Of course, we have known about the pick-up body variant for a long time, but now it is heard from the factory in Hambach, France, that production has officially started and the first pieces will be delivered to customers already in December of this year.

Ineos Grenadier gets his brother in the socket.  Then there will be two more models including the Jeep Avenger competitor

The Ineos Grenadier Quartermaster will of course also be available outside of Europe, but deliveries to those markets will not start until early next year. Technically, it is a pick-up with a double cab, i.e. Double Cab. The car has an extended wheelbase of 3,227 mm and will offer a large bed area with dimensions of 1,200 by 800 mm. A Europallet can be loaded onto the truck. There will even be something on it, because the body load is up to 780 kg.

A version without a body but with the same wheelbase should also be available next year. This will mainly be used for individual conversions both for work and perhaps for living. Nothing surprising awaits you in the interior of the model, just like the classic body, the Quartermaster will also offer BMW technology with an in-line six-cylinder diesel or gasoline engine. In the Czech Republic, it costs the same 2,178,752 CZK. There is a choice between the Trailmaster and Fieldmaster trims.