There is a lot of negative content on the internet, so something that can sometimes cheer up comes in handy – internet memes. These can now be even easier to access and create, thanks to the fact that Google has launched a new domain type, .meme. That’s right, there’s no need to set up domains at .com or .org, now you can share your funny content directly on the meme domain. “The .meme domain is used to spread humor, ideas, style and culture. Use it to show your audience that you’re keeping up with the times,” says Google. The whole idea seems reminiscent of the beginnings of Tumblr.

Google has partnered with six companies and individuals to introduce the possibilities of using the .meme domain. These include, for example, Know Your Meme (which highlights memes that are currently trending) and Tenor (for finding and creating new memes). And others too four pages dedicated exclusively to cat memes, including Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat. If you want to create a lightweight website full of memes, now is your chance.

The Early Access Period (EAP) for .meme domain registration has already started, but it involves a one-time extra fee. This fee will be reduced every day, viz until December 5th, when .meme domains will be available at the base annual price. If you’re interested in buying a domain, search for name availability at – if available, Google will show you a list of partners you can buy the domain from, such as GoDaddy.