Do you want to buy a great youngtimer with a mapped and extremely interesting history? You have a chance!

In 2001, the presidential office bought seven Saab 9-5 cars for almost seven million crowns, which replaced the existing Volvo fleet for protocol purposes. At the time, Prague Castle earned criticism for allegedly wasting money on “luxury cars,” however, the seven sedans of the upper middle class still cost quite reasonable money at the time. One of these cars is now for sale – and beware, it’s the only one left from the original fleet!

Felicia for a quarter of a million is already quite common in the Czech Republic.  At the same time, much better cars can be bought

According to the Youngtimer club CZ Facebook group, the car has a complete history, including contracts, it has undergone continuous service and this year it also received chassis treatment. The original registration marks ALA 00 – 08 are a valuable pearl.

Under the hood is a gasoline engine with a volume of 2290 cc3 with an output of 136 kW (185 hp), the front wheels are driven via a manual six-speed gearbox. If you are interested, the price is negotiable and the owner is waiting for your offer.


Saab is originally a Swedish car company. Saab was the arms manufacturing division of Svenska Aeroplan. It was created in 1937 and the first car left the line in 1944. In 1969, Saab merged with the Scania brand.

Saab is currently owned by National Electric Vehicles Sweden, but does not have the right to use the Saab name and logo, so the vehicles have not been produced since 2012.