The first 34 electric Cupra Born compact hatchbacks were taken over by ČEZ Group at Šmucler Autocenter in Pilsen on November 29. This is a significant step in the fleet market for the young Spanish brand.

“We are glad that there is great interest in the Cupra brand on the Czech market. This year alone, we delivered almost 80 of these powerful electric cars to our customers. It turns out that electric cars are gradually penetrating the fleets of various types of companies,” said Aleš Novák, director of Cupra’s domestic representative office, at the handover of the cars.

The ČEZ Group thus continues to rapidly transform its vehicle fleet into a fleet of ecological vehicles. The majority will consist of fully electric cars in accordance with the company’s commitment to 2030. By the end of this year alone, energy workers want to drive in 150 electric cars.

Photo: Cupra

Cupra Born cars ready for ČEZ Group services.

“Currently, companies are the main driver of the spread of electromobility in our country, but we are already observing a significant increase in demand from individuals,” says Miroslav Bláha, managing director of Autocentrum Šmucler, which is an authorized Cupra dealer.

Borny with a power of 231 horsepower and a battery with a capacity of 77 kWh will be available to CEZ energy workers. According to the tables, this is enough for a range of up to 548 kilometers on one charge. “The more than 30 Cupra Born cars that we are taking over will be available to employees in internal car rental companies throughout the Czech Republic for their business trips,” adds Jakub Bosák, manager of ČEZ’s transport service department.