The Lotus car company is gearing up for its electric future with all its might. At the Shanghai fair, it presented its own charging stations for electric cars, which, although they are created in China – the homeland of the majority owner of Lotus, the company Geely – are intended primarily for the European market.

Lotus’ super-fast chargers have a maximum power of 450 kW and promise to charge a range of 130 kilometers in just five minutes. Lotus does not intend to keep the station only for its cars (similar to Tesla’s Superchargers before), it will open it to all owners of electric cars. Any electric car can be charged, but the most efficient charger will be for cars with 800V architecture. In the Czech Republic, the title of the most powerful station is now held by E.ON with its 400kW charger in Humpolka, near the exit of the D1 highway.

When Lotus tested charging on its Eletre electric car, it was able to “pep up” even 142 kilometers from its rack in just five minutes. This would make the Chinese product the fastest charger on the market in the real world. It is said that you can get from ten to eighty percent capacity in about twenty minutes.

Photo: Lotus

The first Lotus electric car is the limited-edition sports car Evija.

“With increasing investment in electrification, the demand for reliable charging infrastructure has never been higher. Lotus has developed a fast charging solution for everyone that meets the needs of the most demanding customers,” boasted Alan Wang, vice president of Lotus Technology.

Lotus seems to have hit the nail on the head, as a recent survey in Great Britain showed that up to 80% of motorists are deterred by insufficient infrastructure from buying an electric car. And with the support of Chinese investors, he will soon step into it. The first units of the new chargers are due to be installed in the UK (and other as yet unspecified locations in Europe) in the middle of next year.