The firm was helped by strong demand in North America and Europe. At the same time, it was not significantly harmed by the temporary stoppage of production in Japan due to an explosion in the factory of a parts supplier.

The pace of production picked up as semiconductor shortages eased. Production outside Japan rose 8.7 percent to 617,590 cars, the highest one-month figure for the data’s tracking period, the company said. Domestic production then rose 39.2 percent to 282,695 vehicles, despite the automaker halting some production lines in Japan for 10 days in the month following an explosion at a plant owned by Chuo Spring in Toyota’s city of Aichi Prefecture.

The rise in global sales was helped by a 5.2 percent rise outside Japan to 756,245 vehicles, also a record monthly figure. Sales of hybrid vehicles were particularly strong in North America and Europe, where the RAV4 and Corolla in particular gained popularity. According to Toyota, domestic sales rose 17.8 percent to 133,996 vehicles.

According to the volume of sales for the first half of this year, Toyota is the largest car company in the world ahead of the German concern Volkswagen. Toyota also operates in the Czech Republic, employing about 2,500 people in Kolín. It represents one of the largest exporters in the Czech Republic and at the same time the largest employer in the Kolín region.