Google is rolling out a number of new features to the Messages app, including the ability to customize text bubble and background colors. You can choose a different bubble color for each chat, which could help make individual chats clearer.

Since the new features are powered by artificial intelligencethis means that you will probably need to use the news the latest Pixel devices. If you own it, you can using the function photomoji turn photos into reactions. Just select a photo, decide which object (or person, or animal) you want to turn into a photomoji, and finally hit the send button. These reactions will be saved for later use, plus your chat friends will also be able to use any photomoji you send them.

New feature Voice Moods allows you to use one of nine different moods as a voice message by displaying visual effects such as heart and eye emoji, fireballs or a party popper. Google states that in addition improved the quality of voice messages by increasing data flow and sampling rate. In addition, there are more than 15 screen effectswhich can be activated by entering commands such as “it’s snowing” or “I love you”.

Users will also be able to set up a profile to add to their phone number name and photo. According to the company, this feature could help when it comes to receiving messages from a phone number that is not in group chats. It could also help to find out the identity of all participants in a group chat.

Some of these features will be available in the beta version of the latest version of Google News starting today. Google notes that the availability of some features will depend on the market and device model.