The Tesla Cybertruck was then – on November 21, 2019 – presented as a concept of a powerful electric pick-up truck with a decent range and a favorable price tag. After four years, we learn how Elon Musk managed to fulfill this commitment. The production car debuted at the factory in Austin, Texas, which has already gone to the first customers.

Three drive variants are available: The basic one with one electric motor and an as yet unspecified output will be available no earlier than 2025. The golden middle path is represented by a design with two electric motors, all-wheel drive and 600 horsepower. At the absolute top is the Cyberbeast version, which has three electric motors producing 845 horsepower and can reach 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds – as demonstrated in practice when it crushed a Porsche 911 in a race.

What would Elon Musk’s presentation be without some unusual hands-on demonstration. Take a look at the sprint against the Porsche 911.Video: Tesla

However, many will be more interested in the range. The single-engine Cybertruck has a range of 400 kilometres, the dual-engine version can travel the furthest with 550 kilometres, and the peak is surprisingly good with a range of 515 kilometres. Just for the sake of interest, at the presentation four years ago there was talk of a Long Range variant with a range of over 800 kilometers, but there was not a word about it this time. We don’t yet know if Musk has definitively written off her or if he will add to the offer later.

Photo: Tesla

Although the body has an impractical shape at first glance, Tesla announces a wide range of possibilities for how the car can be used.

And the prices? The basic Cybertruck starts at $60,990, which is just under 1.4 million crowns. That doesn’t sound bad at all! A four-wheeler with two electric motors costs 1.8 million CZK, a top pick-up with supersport parameters costs 2.2 million.

It probably goes without saying that the last four years have been like a rollercoaster for the automotive industry – covid, lack of chips, wars and economic uncertainty… Nevertheless, Cybertruck deviated quite considerably from the originally promised amount. Years ago, he promised an entry price of $39,900, i.e. roughly CZK 900,000. It now starts at $60,000.

During an event at the Texas factory, Elon Musk handed over the first ten mass-produced pick-ups to the new owners, who happen to be all Tesla employees. Production should start in full swing next year, when the automaker wants to start covering the two million reservations it has collected over the past few years.

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