The final test focused on resistance tests of all components. Three crews will compete.

The Audi Sport team carried out the last testing before the trip to the current edition of the Dakar Rally, which starts on January 5, 2024 in Alula, Saudi Arabia. The trials took place in the south of France between Narbonne and Perpignan.

“From a logistical point of view, this location was ideal for us for travel and allowed for short response times if we needed anything from Germany,” stated the technical director Dr. Leonardo Pascal “We went through all the assemblies and systems, both parts carried over from the previous model and newly developed. It was about meeting the set quality standards for all areas.”

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All three crews, Mattias Ekström/Emil Bergkvist, Stéphane Peterhansel/Edouard Boulanger and Carlos Sainz/Lucas Cruz, took part in the testing. They drove over 900 kilometers in five days.

“This completes our development tasks and we are now focusing on the remaining logistics work before January,” says Rolf Michl, head of Audi Motorsport. “We have prepared as best we can, but the Dakar Rally remains the most ambitious and by far the most difficult task on the calendar. And we approach him with great respect. A big thank you also goes to the whole team as well as our riders and navigators for the work they have done so far for this very difficult challenge.”

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“We were able to meet all the necessary points on our checklist,” added Sven Quandt, Q Motorsport team principal. “Our drivers and engineers checked the cars for the Dakar Rally. Carlos, Mattias and Stéphane are happy. They even tried out some spare parts in their cars so they could drive in components. We go to the Dakar Rally with enthusiasm, but also with peace of mind. They all showed that they are real team players. They approach their tasks purposefully and consistently. This increases our confidence for the Dakar Rally.”

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