Tesla Cybertruck had a spectacular premiere connected with the handing over of the first cars. Finally, we also know the specifications and prices.

Tesla Cybertruck, it seemed like a never-ending story, but after four years we finally saw the official premiere on Thursday at the Texas headquarters in Austin and the handover of the first 10 units. They all went into the hands of Tesla employees.

Musk had to face pressure from extending deadlines, but he ended up delivering on most of what he promised in 2019. At that time, there was talk of 800 horsepower, three versions with different numbers of engines, acceleration from 0 to 96 km/h in 2.6 seconds and a range of 800 kilometers. The expected price should start at 890,000 CZK.

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And reality? The Cybertruck is available with one, two and three electric motors, with the former not arriving until 2025. Still, we know it will hit 96 km/h in 6.5 seconds and travel 400 kilometers. The base price starts at 1,362,000 CZK, which is far from the initial assumption.

The middle variant with two engines will offer 600 horsepower, acceleration from 0 to 96 km/h in 4.1 seconds and a range of 544 km. You will pay CZK 1,786,000 for it. The highlight is the three-engine “Cyberbeast” with an output of 845 horsepower, which reaches 96 km/h in 2.6 seconds and covers the quarter mile in 11 seconds. It can travel over 500 km on a single charge. The top version will cost 2,233,000 CZK.

All things considered, Elon Musk kept his word except for range and price. But that doesn’t matter, because the target group is probably not traditional pick-up owners, but rather a more mobile caste that wants a stylish car for their active leisure time. After all, established pick-ups will offer more gadgets for work deployment.

It’s a shame, because the Cybertruck has a payload of 1133kg, while the Ford F150, for example, carries 1113kg and the RAM 1500 1043kg. It pulls 5 tons on the ball. Here they are losing to both opponents. The Ford F-150 is rated at 6,123 kg, and the RAM 1500 can tow 5,253 kg. At the same time, Ford and Ram are at least CZK 445,000 cheaper.

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Unfortunately, there is currently no prospect of the Cybertruck officially shipping to Europe. The reason is safety limits and homologation. But it may happen that some enthusiast will bring it here as a show car. Whether it would be worth legalization is hard to say. It cannot be forgotten that this year Škoda registered 1,242 electric cars on our market. Tesla is close behind with 1240 registrations, but it is true that the Cybertruck is quite specific.